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Specializing in fast 22 thru 32 inch Newtonian Telescope Optics:

Hello, my name is Steve Kennedy, owner of Kennedy Optics. I have been making large-aperture Newtonian optics for the discerning observer. The mirrors are personally ground, polish, hand figure, and every mirror is star tested until they produce images that will satisfy the most discriminating observer -- you.

All mirrors are figured until they pass a series of tough optical bench tests, and then they are extensively star tested over multiple nights in a telescope. The true disposition of a large telescope optic is best revealed by repeated testing in its true elements, over a series of nights, in a wide variety of real outdoor situations. If requested, during star testing, I will employ the intended diagonal and holder to be used in your telescope.

I have the benefits of prevailing dark, clear skies at my workshop and observing location in the California high desert adjacent to Joshua Tree National Park. Customers are encouraged to come to my workshop and star test their uncoated mirror themselves with their secondary before taking delivery.


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