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Steve Kennedy and his wife, Myra and there 2 dogs Steve Kennedy has been a Professional Optician since 1985:

I am a career optician who has a unique and extensive background with telescopes, and telescope optics. I held a position which included fabricating and maintaining virtually all of the proprietary aspheric optics for many years at the premier telescope manufacturing facility in Southern California. This portion of my optics background entailed over 15,000 hours of grinding, polishing, and figuring radical polynomial aspheric. This experience insures that I have the knowledge and skill to deliver top quality paraboloid mirrors.

I built my facility from the ground up to recreate the optics lab environment which I have been accustomed to running for so many years. My goal is to make dreams come true for the large aperture enthusiast. Making telescope mirrors and stargazing are my job and my lifestyle.

I work exclusively with big aperture, and small quantities. This allows me to give each optic the attention it needs from beginning to end. If you've always wanted a large aperture scope that produces a sharp image, I'm here to help your dream come true.

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