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Steve Kennedy standing with Tom Osypowski with Steve's new 28" SpicaEyes All-Aluminum SlipStream GoTo Telescope custom built for him by Equatorial Platforms.

The picture was taken at RTMC in May. Dan Gray from Sidereal Technology was there to do some initialization procedures on the drive the first day, after which the Telescope performed flawlessly for two nights, with excellent pointing accuracy and tracking. On Sunday night a wind with 30mph gusts came up, but, even with the shroud on, the scope was quite steady. The slip clutches can be easily tightened to withstand moderate winds.


Tom O'Key and Steve Kennedy, next to a Kennedy 32 inch Dob
with a
StarStructure Platform



Jerry Morris and his Kennedy Optics 30" f/3.3 in a SpicaEyes SlipStream Goto Platform

Steve Kennedy 28" f3.66
SpicaEyes SlipStream Telescope.

The oversized altitude bearings sit on 1"diameter stainless steel shafts rotating in pillow block ball bearings. Both axes are driven by Servo motors through a stand-alone computer mounted to the telescope. The adjustable slip clutches are fully enclosed and protected in a metal housing. Thumbscrews allow one to adjust the drag of the clutches as needed.


Robert Werkman, Pennsylvania, USA
Primary 22 f/3.6 made by Steve Kennedy
EQ Platform by
SDM Telescopes




Bill Weiss, Flagstaff, Az
32" Kennedy Mirror in
Tom Osypowski SpicaEyes All-Aluminum SlipStream GoTo Telescope and a custom built stand



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