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Please contact Steve about ordering your custom made mirror.

You have the option of ordering just the Mirror optics for building your own telescope or you can have it delivered with a StarStructure Telescopes Platform, Tom Osypowski Equatorial Platforms, Webster Telescope Platforms or SDM Telescope Platforms. Click this link for more info on the platforms

My mirrors are made from Schott Supremax 33 borosilicate (precision annealed) blanks.

Prices include the coating, heavy construction wood frame crate, and USA shipping.

All Mirror coatings are supplied by

A 50% down payment is typically asked at the time of the order, with the remaining 50% due upon the time the mirror is ready to ship for coating.  Other arrangements can be made available.

All mirrors will have a clean rolling safety bevel on both sides between .050" and .060" facewidth. Back side will be very fine ground flat.  Typical delivery times range between 4-6 months or less.  Quoting an accurate lead time is a important part of the service I offer to my customers.

(760) 369-2206
PO Box 994
Yucca Valley, CA,
USA, 92286



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