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 StarStructures Telescopes




StarStructure LE Telescope


StarStructure LE Series Telescopes Platforms, sizes 22" through 32" come with the following:

All aluminum structure with removable 18 point Plop designed mirror cell. 27 point for 30" and up.
Starstructure precision installed Servocat deluxe goto tracking system with wired hand pad (all sizes)
Sky Commander XP4 DSC with10,000 tic US Digital Encoders for both axis and Servocat surge protectors (all sizes) Starstructure Precision secondary holder and spider (off-set on secondary available upon request)
Feathertouch focuser and Telrad finder (a Telrad riser is installed as needed)
Dew Buster dew controller mounted to UTA and fully wired to rocker box (all sizes)
Astrosystems secondary dew heater installed and wired on spider vane to dew controller (all sizes)

Multi position UTA (all sizes / allows UTA to move 2" closer to primary mirror in 1/2" increments
Fully wired DSC podium (all sizes / has encoder connections and 12v supply to Argo and dew system)
Integrated wheels and handle system with pull down winch (when UTA can not be installed without ladder)
Mirror Box cover and custom fitted light shroud (all sizes)
Telescopes are fully tested for mechanical operation (all sizes)

Focal length range: F3 to F4

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Tom Osypowski Equatorial Platforms

Equatorial Platforms is collaborating with Kennedy Optics in the manufacture of large, low profile All-Aluminum Telescopes with a choice of formats:
1) the SpicaEyes Telescope System with integrated Aluminum Platform and 2) the SpicaEyes Telescope System with our new SlipStream Drive.


SpicaEyes Platforms
from Tom Osypowski


Toms SpicaEyes Platform Drive Telescopes
Large-apertureAluminum Telescope on an Integrated Aluminum Equatorial Platform

This is a complete telescope system. Find an object fast with the Digital Setting Circles, then keep it centered with the tracking of the Platform. Use high powers to enhance the view. Grab the scope anytime to move around and explore a new area - there are no clutches to disengage. The optional Dual-Axis Platform provides the controls for astro-imaging and auto-guiding. There's no field rotation to worry about.

Features include:

  • Rocker- and mirror-box are welded, box aluminum structures (light in weight, yet extremely rigid).
  • 18- and 27-point mirror cells with fans, switches, and battery installed. 4-point floating edge support for stable mirror placement; no sideways shift.
  • Upper cage rings are manufactured from a high-tech aluminum/plastic composite - lightweight, thermally stable, and very flat.
  • All aluminum components are powder coated or hard black anodized. Stainless steel fasteners are used throughout.
  • Primary mirrors are of highest quality. Each one is rigorously star-tested before shipping as a final check on its figure.
  • Renowned Starlight Feathertouch focuser is standard equipment.
  • Sky Commander DSCs are standard (Argo Navis DSCs available as an option).
  • Telescope comes complete with an integrated Aluminum Equatorial Platform in the Compact format. (Upgrading to a Dual-Axis Platform is an option.)
  • A full shroud is included
  • Tight fitting front and back covers for the mirror box provide excellent protection for the mirror during transport and storage. Also, nylon screws can be tightened against the edge of the mirror to prevent any sideways shifting of the glass during transport.


SpicaEyes SlipStream
Large - Aperture Aluminum Telescope System with SlipStream GoTo  Drive

These new SpicaEyes Telescopes combine solid All-Aluminum construction with a new GoTo drive system that integrates a Slip Clutch on both axes for full-time manual and motorized slew control.

You can find objects fast by using the included Argo Navis computer. The telescope will automatically slew, or you can move it by hand. Once you find your target, the telescope will track it for you, keeping it centered in the field of view. The integrated SlipStream clutches allow you to move the scope at any time by hand or with the motorized slew control, with no levers to disengage.

Shown to the left and below is a 28" f3.66 SpicaEyes SlipStream Telescope. The oversized altitude bearings sit on 1"diameter stainless steel shafts rotating in pillow block ball bearings. Both axes are driven by Servo motors through a stand-alone computer mounted to the telescope. The adjustable slip clutches are fully enclosed and protected in a metal housing. Thumbscrews allow one to adjust the drag of the clutches as needed.

A wireless hand control gives three-speed slew control on both axes. The fast slew will spin the scope completely around in less than a minute, useful for going across large stretches of the sky. The medium slew will nicely center objects in the field of view at low and medium powers, and the slow slew will do the same at high power. All three slew speeds can be individually calibrated to the user's requirements


  • Welded Aluminum construction using stiff rectangular tubing and solid plate or bar as needed. All metal surfaces are powder- coating or anodized for long-lasting durability and beauty.

  • 18-point welded steel mirror cells with fans, switches, and battery installed. 4-point floating mirror edge support. Nylon locking bolts prevent mirror shift during transport.
  • Primary mirrors of the highest quality. The 22" to 32" mirrors are from Kennedy Optics.

  • The short f/ratios of these exquisite optics make for a low-profile design with no compromise in image quality.

  • Servo motor GoTo Slew and Track system, with built-in slip clutches that allow manual movement of the scope at any time. All of the drive components have been designed and manufactured by Sidereal Technology.

  • Argo Navis computer and hi-res encoders are included, as well as a convenient stand for the AN computer.

  • The renowned FeatherTouch focuser is standard.

  • An AstroSystems shroud is fitted to the truss poles.

  • Tight-fitting front and back covers for the mirror box provide excellent protection for the mirror during transport and storage.

  • Convenient handles and wheels are provided for easy transport of rocker/mirror box assembly.

  • A rotating upper cage is available as an option.


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 SDM Telescopes
22-32 inch custom built Obsession style Dobsonians











  SMD Telescopes, virtual home of SDM Telescopes, where size does matter and the Dobsonian Revolution lives on in Australia. SDM telescopes are craftsman built by Peter Read in the tried and tested style of Obsession Telescopes to provide the ultimate large aperture experience. Tailored individually to each customer, SDM Telescopes are configured uniquely to suit the southern hemisphere and its harsh conditions

Each scope comes complete with:

   Your choice of mirror from the worlds best opticians
   Enhanced coatings
   All marine ply construction
   All stainless steel hardware
   6 coats of 2 pack polyurethane
   18 point mirror cell on 12 - 25 scopes
   27 point mirror cell on 28 - 32" scopes
   Super stiff focuser board
   Feathertouch focuser
   Mirror fan
   Laminar fan
   Metal side bearings
   Ebony Star on Teflon bearing surfaces
   Quick action 1 person set up
   Dew heaters
   Ripstop nylon light shroud
   Argo Navis
   10K Encoders
   Wired stalk and shelf
   Split system stainless wheelie handles
   Heavy duty carry cases for secondary cage and poles
   Heavy duty
stalk and accessory case

SDM Scopes can be customised at no extra cost to suit your needs, and I can uniquely offer local Australian product support to keep your SDM creation working perfectly.


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Webster Telescopes has always had one goal in mind, BIG, PORTABLE DOBSONIAN TELESCOPES!  While other manufactures were removing the large telescopes from their product lines, we were adding even larger ones to ours.  The big Dobsonians are our forte.

But, just making the largest telescopes is not enough of a goal for us.  Making Ultra-premium telescopes, unmatched by any commercial scope manufacturer, now that's a goal worthy of the Webster family name.  Now in our 4th generation of woodworkers, Webster Telescopes really can claim to combine Old World craftsmanship with today's Computer Aided Design.

Having a giant telescope would only be half the fun if you could not take it with you.  Our telescopes were designed right from the start to break down into an easily transportable unit.  Our users report that they can set up a Webster Telescope in 10 minutes, all by themselves.  You will be aligned and viewing while the other guys are still leveling their tripods.


Our new "C" series of truss telescopes exclusively feature Kennedy Optics telescope mirrors.  These "fast" mirrors have taken the astronomy world by storm, especially for those who have an obsession for textbook Star Tests.

Jim Bessette and his Webster Telescope 22" f/3.6
with Kennedy - Optics Mirror



Kevin Beebe with his C28 on his Dob Deck.
Look at that view...

Webster Telescope 32" f/3.33
with Kennedy-Optics Mirror