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Steve--just wanted to thank you for an outstanding mirror. I've been planning for some time on getting a bigger scope for my observatory here in Flagstaff AZ. My dream scope project began with an extensive search on the internet reviewing the major mirror makers and telescope designers. My wife--financial adviser!! Said "Choose wisely, this is a onetime buy"!! And that I did! I wisely called Steve Kennedy and asked him if he could make me a BIG 32" mirror. My dream was realized when some of my observing buddies and I took the big scope out for an evening stroll--WOOOW!! The amount of color and contrast blew us away!! Most of the people in my local astronomy club have never viewed NGC or Messier objects with a 32" mirror--simply amazing. Folks, let your dream scope come true, Give Steve a call today--highest recommendation.

B. Weiss
Flagstaff AZ.


Perhaps more than most people, I’m concerned about eyepiece height, and manageable size and weight of telescope subassemblies.  I am physically incapable of stepping up a small rise or standing longer than a few minutes. The maximum eyepiece height should be accessible when I’m standing on the ground. Most telescope orientations must place the eyepiece where it can be reached by me while sitting, which minimizes fatigue and increases the length of my observing sessions.


At the time I discussed ordering a mirror from Steve, the focal length and thickness of his standard 24-inch f/3.3 mirrors were a little greater than I wanted. It took little to convince him to make my 24-inch a little thinner (and lighter). He even made a new tool so he could reduce the focal length by two inches. Although there is some risk to pushing the envelope, I was encouraged by the outstanding views I have seen through other fast mirrors Steve had made.


The mirror performs beyond my expectations. Seeing-permitting, when outfitted with a Paracorr-II and well-corrected Nagler or Ethos eyepieces, stars are sharp across the entire f.o.v. The telescope has impressed many observers who can’t believe it uses a thin, f/3.3 mirror. I would have been unable to fulfill my dream of owning a large aperture telescope without Steve’s contribution. To see the completed telescope, take a look at Gary Seronik’s “Telescope Workshop” column in the February 2013 issue of Sky and Telescope.

-Albert Highe

Steve - Just got in from another great night of observing using your 30" f/3.3 mirror.  Your mirror is mounted in our Spica Eyes aluminum Slip Stream telescope in our observatory located five minutes from the Texas star Party site.  My wife Kathie and I have owned and enjoyed this mirror/scope combination for about two years, and can't say enough about the mirror's performance with a crisp snap focus and color and contrast providing  gorgeous views under our incredible dark West Texas skies.  We have had the scope cranked up to 1300 power many times with great performance from your mirror.  The mirror gets used on average five full nights per new moon, with about half visual and half Mallincam imaging.  Our subdivision is populated with many serious amateur astronomers, with a total of five large dobs of 22" or larger.  Of those five large dob owners, three of them use your mirrors of 28", 30" (our mirror) and 32" sizes.  In addition to the use of our own 30" mirror, I have had the pleasure of observing with the 28" and 32" mirrors, and enjoyed superlative views from all of them.  I also want to thank you for your endless patience on the phone, answering all our questions when we first acquired the 30" mirror/scope.  We have had many friends from out of state come observe with us using your 30" mirror, all resulting in a consistent "wow! factor" response.  Thanks for a great mirror.
Jerry Morris, Texas





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